Agr kaj ro hain Anjum

Agr kaj ro hain Anjum -Bal E Jibril – 02


Agr kaj ro hain Anjum

Book : Bal E Jibril – 02
Poet : Allam Muhammad Iqbal (1877 – 1938)
Agr kaj ro hain Anjum
If the stars have strayed
Bal-E-Jibril or Gabrels Wing published in urdu 1935 was a philosophical
poetry book of allama iqbal the great south asian poet philosopher and the
Nation poet of pakistan.
Iqbal frist book of poetry in urdu, Bang e Dra 1924 was followed by Bal e Jibril 1935
and Zarb e Kalim in 1936. It consists of ghazals, poems, quatrains, epigrams and displays
the vision and intellect necessary to foster sincerity and
firm belief in the heart of the ummahand turn its members
into true believers. 


Agr kaj ro hain Anjum asman tera hai ya mera
Muj fikar e jahan kyu ho jahan tera hai ya mera
agr hangama ha ay shauq se hai la makan khali 
Khata kis ki hai ya Rab la makan tera hai ya mera
Usse subah e azal inkaar ki juraat hui kyu kar
Mujh maloom kya woh raazdan tera hai ya mera
Muhammad (S.A.W) bhi tera jibreel bhi Quran bhi tera
Magr ye Harf e shireen tarjuman tera hai ya mera
Issi koukab ki tabani se hai tera jahan roshan
Zawal e adam  e khaki zayan tera hai ya mera 


If the stars have strayed to whom do the heavens belong you or me
Why must i worry about the world to whom does this world belong you or me
If the placeless realm offers no lively scenes of passion and longing
Whose fault is that my Allah does that realm belong to yo or to me ?
On the morining of eternity he dared to say no
But how would i know why is he your confidant or is he mine?
MUHAMMAD (PBUH) is yours gabriel is yours the QURAN is your
But this discourse this exposition melodious tunes is it yours or it mine?
Your world is illuminated by the radiance of the same star
Whose losss was the fall of Adam that creature of earth was it yours or mine?

full book BAL-E-JIBRIL

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