Armaghan-e-Hijaz 01, Iblees ki Majlis-e-Shoora (The Devils’s Conference)
is an urdu written by Muhammad Iqbal in 1936.
This poem is written as a meeting between Iblees (the first of the Devils, or satans in Islam) and five his advisers.

Ye Anasir ka purana khail, ye dunya-e-doon
Sakinan-e-arsh e azam ki tamanaon ka khoon

*This ancient game of elements, this base words


The frustration of the longings of the great empyrean’s dweller

Uss ki bardadi pe ai amada hai who kaarsaaz
Jis ne uss ka naam rakha tha jahan e kaaf-o-noon

*Upon its destruction is bent  to-day that fashioner of things


Who gave it the name the world of be it so

Main ne Dikhlaya farangi ko mulukiyat ka khwab
Main ne tora masjid o dair-o-kalisa ka  fusoon

*I inspired in the European the dream of imperialism


I broke the spell of the mosque the temple and the church



Mein ne nadaron ko sikhlya sabaq taqdeer ka
Mein ne munein ko diya sarmayadari ka junoon

*I taught the destitute to believe in destiny
I infused into the wealthy the craze for capitalism

kon kar sakata hain uss ki Aatish soozan ko sard
Jis ke hungamon mein ho Iblees ka souz e daroon

*Who dare extinguish the blazing fire in him
Whose tumults are stimulated by the inherent passion of Satan?

Jis ki shakhain hon humari aabiyari se buland
Kon kar sakta hai uss nakhle kukan ko ser nigoon

*Who could summon the courage to bend down the old tree.
Whose branches their height to our watering owe?

Phla Musheer
First Councilor

Iss mein kya shak hai ke mukam hai ye Ibleesi nizam
Pukhta tar iss se huwe khuay ghulami mein awam

*Stable is the satanic system. No doubt the is,
It has further strengthened in the commoners their slavishness indeed.

Hai azal se in gharibon ke muqaddar mein sujood
In ki fitrat ka taqaza hai namaz e be qayam

*Since the dawn of time have these helpless mortals ordained to prostration.
Prayer devoid of the posture of standing straight is their nature’s constant urge.

Arzoo awwal to paida ho nhi sakti kahin
Ho kahin paida to mer jati hai ya rehti hai kam

*In their heart no desire can fact take its birth

But if does perchance. It dies or is left unripe.

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