Tasveer-o-Musawwar – Painting and the Painter (Amaghan-e-Hijaz – 03)


In the following Taweer o Musawwar (urdu: Tasveer-o-Musawwar)
(English : Painting  and the Painter ) a beauitful famous poem(Urdu) by 
Allama Muhammad Iqbal is presented to satisfy your taste of Urdu Poety 
Book : Amaghan-e-Hijaz – 03

Painting  and the Painter

Kaha Tasveer ne Tasweer gar se
Numaish hai tere hunar
Wa lekin kis qaddar na munsafi hai
Ke tu poshida ho meri nazar se
Garan hai chasm e bina didah wer par
Jahan beeni se kya guzri sharar par
Nazar dard o gham o souz o tab o taab
Tu ae nadan qana’at kar khabar par
Khabar aqal o kirad ki natawani
Nazar dil ki hayat javeani 
Nahi hai is zamane ki taq o taaz
Sazawar e hadees e lan taram 
Tu hai mara kamalat e hunar se
Na ho naumeed apne naqsh gar se
Mara didar ki hai ek yehi sharat 
Ke tu pinhan na ho apni nazar se
Said the portrait to its painter
My manifestation attests to thine unbounded skill
And yet what a violation of justice it is that
You should remain hid from my sight
The Painter
The vision endowed to those that observe find it oppressive
See for yourself how the spark burnt itself out when it saw the world
What aught is sight but sadness gloom feverishness and self torment
Rest or you ignorant upon report
What aught is report but the impotennce of ratiocination and wisdom
Vision is the eternal springtide of life
The hustle and the bustle of the present age does not prmit one
To express oneself melodiously
The Painter
The do exist because the perfection of my art
Don’t then feel cast out in disappointment with him that has draw 
I only put one condition if you wish to see me
Never disappear from thine own sight

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