Shama aur Parwana | Bang-e-Dra-014

Shama aur Parwana

Shama aur Parwana

Perwana tujh say kerta hey aey shama piyar kyun

Ye jane bay karar hey tujh per nisar kyun

Seemabwar rakhti hey tairi ada isay

Adub e ishq tune shikaye hai kiya isey

Kerta hai ye tawaf-e-tairi  jalvagah ka

Phoonka howa hai kiya tairi barq-e-negah ka

Azaar-e-mout main isey aram e jan hai kiya

Sholay main taire zindagi e jawidan hai kiya

Ghamkhana-e-jahan mein jo tairi zia na ho

Iss tafta dil ka nakhle-e-tamanna hara na ho

Girn taire huzoor main iski namaz hai

Nanhey say dil main lazzat-e-souz o gudaz hai

Kuch iss main josh-e-ashiq e husn e kadeem hai

Chota sa toor tu ye zara sa kaleem hai

Pevan or zouq-e-tamashaey roshnee

Keera zara sa or tamannaey roshnee


Moth And Candle

OH Candle? Why does the loves you?

Why is it’s restless life sacrificed on you?

You play keep it restless

Have you thought him the manners of love?

It circumambulate from your platform of act

Is it burned due to the lightening of your eyes?

Is he at the agony of death

Is your life eternal in the flame?

If its not enligten by you in this world of grief

Then the stem of his broken heart should not be green

Falling to you is his  prayer

There is a pleasure of burning in this so little heart

Some of it is the passion of lover of ancient beauty

A small mount toor and he is a  little kaleem

A fly and is a lover of scene of fire

A little insect and longing for light

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