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Aftab || Allama Iqbal Poetry || Poem Aftab || Bang-E-Dra : 17

Allama Iqbal Poetry

Allama Iqbal Poetry Urdu Tashreeh

Allama Iqbal Poetry

Aftab || Bang-E-Dra : 17

Allama Iqbal Poetry Urdu Tashreeh

Ay aftab rooh o rawan e jahan ha tu

Sher aza band daftar kon o makan ha tu

Baes ha tu wajood a adam ki namood ka

Ha sabza tere dam se chaman hast o bood ka

Qaim ha anasaru ka tamasha tuji se

Har she me zindagi ka taqaza tuji se ha

Har she ko tere jalwa giri se sabat ha

Tera ye sooz o saaz sarpa hayat ha

Wo aftab jis se zamane me nor ha

Dil ha khirad ha rooh e rawan ha shaor ha

Ay aftab hum ko zaya e shaor de

Chasam khirad ko apni tajli se nor de

Ha mahfil e wojod ka saman taraz tu

Yazdaan e sakmaan e nasheeb o faraz tu

Tera kamal hasti ha jandar me

Teri namood silsila e kohsaar me

Har cheez ki hayat ka parwardigar tu

Zaaidgan e nor ka ha tajdar tu

Ha ibbtidah koi na koi intiha teri

Azad qeed awal o akhir ziya teri

Lyric by : Allam Iqbal

The Sun Bang-E-Dra : 17

Oh Sun you are the soul of the flowing world

Strengthener of the world’s office you are

You are the cause of existence of living and annihilated

The grass is green with your tail

The exhibition of elements is because of you

Life is dependent on you through all means

Everything is stable only due to you

This torment of your is undying

The sun due to which there is light in time

Is heart, is wisdom is soul and is consciousness

Oh sun give us the light of consciousness

Enlighten our minds with your magnificence

You arrange  the needs of the present world

You are the God of good deeds for the up and down inhabitants

You are the perfect being among the living things

As you appear among rows of great mountains

You are the loard of all things

And the king of light

There is neither your beginning nor your end

You are free from being bounded to start to end

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