Gul e Rangeen Gul | The Colorful Rose – Bang e Dra 02

Gul e Rangeen Gul | The Colorful Rose

(Kulliyat e Iqbal)

Book : Bang e Dra 02

Gul e Rangeen Gul | The Colorful Rose

 Iqbal says that you know the fact that which are the problems of life because this is the only thing in
which your heart is hearted and that is not what you do. It is not a matter of Nature but the nature of
the world is not compatible with any kind of human nature.
O flower-  In your contrast every monent i feel worried this problem may not be made to me because it is a struggle
for liver saucy and something that enhance mans wisdom and wisdom and understands the complex problem of the
universe. It is a matter of time, if understand the weak ninth the weakness and patience may become a headache for me and
whatever i have to do is become the source of achieving goals. The quest gives light to the whole world and it cause human
wisdom to grow.

Tu shanasa e kharash e aukda muskil nahi
Aey gul r rangin taire pahlu main shayad dil nahi

Zeh e mahfil hey shareek e shorish e mahfil nahi
Yeh faraghat bazm e hasti main mujhay hasil nahi

Is chaman main main sarapa souz-o-saz e aarzoo
Or tairi zendagani by gudaz e aarzoo

Torh laina shakh say  tujh ko maira aeyn nahi
Ye nazer ghr az nagah e chasm e soorat bin nahi

Ah yeh dast e jafa ju aey gul rangin nahi
Kis tarha tujh ko yeh samjhaun k main gulcheen nahi

Kam mujh ko didah e hikmat k uljhairon say kiya
Didah e bulbul say mein karta ho nazara taira

So zubanon per bhe khamoshee tuhjay manzoor hai
Raaz woh kiya hai taire seene main jo mastoor hai

Mari soorat tu bhe aik barg riya e toor hai
Main chaman sa door hoon tu bhe chaman sa do hai

Matmaen hai tu prehan misal e bo rahta ho mein
Zakhmi e shamsheer e zouq  justuju rahta ho main

Ye preshani mari saman e jamat na ho
Ye jigar souzi chiragh e khana e hikmat na ho

Natawani hai mari sermaya e quwwat na ho
Rashk e jam e jim mara aeyana e herat na ho

Ye talash e muttasil shama e jehan afroz hai
Toseen e idrak e insan ko kharam aamuz hai

Thou art not aware of the injuries casused by perplexites
O the red rose  thou perhaps donot have heart in thy side

Thou adorneth the world but dosn’t participate in the tumult
This leisure is not available to me in the world of existence,

In this garden i aspire burning for performance
And thy life is devoid of pleaure of aspiration,

To pluck the from the twing is not discipline,
My view is admiration of thy natural beaty,

Alas O the red rose this hand is not oppressive,
How can i explain to the that i am not a flower gatherer,

I have nothing to do with the logical complications
I look at thee with the eye of a lover,

Thou hast hundreds of tongues still thou remaineth silent,
What is that secret hidden in thy chest?

Like me thou to art a flower of the sacred garden,
I am away from paradise thou to art away from garden

Thou art satisfied i remain dispersed like fragrance
I have unsatisfying taste for quest,

This despersion of mine facilitates organization?
May not  this suffering lead to increased human knowledge,

May not my infirmity itself be casue of strenth
May not my astonishing intelligence be an envy for Jamsheed

This continued quest increases the enlightenment,
Steed of the human intelligence keep the humanity in movement.

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