Ehad-e-Tifli | The Age of Infancy | Bang E Dra-003

Book : Bang E Dra-003

Ehad-e-Tifli | The Age of Infancy

Full Translation in Urdu


Thay diyar e nau zameen o assman mere liya
Wussat e aaghaush e madar ek jahan mere liye

Thi har ek junbish nishan e latf e jaan mere liye
Harf e be matlab thi khud meri zuban mere liye

Dard,tiflee mein agr koi rulata tha mujhe
Shorish e zanjeer e dar mein lutf aata tha mujh

Takte rehana haye wo pehron talk suay qamar
Wo phate dadal mein be aawaz e paa uss ka safar

Pochna reh reh ke uss k koh o sehre ki khabar
Aur wo herat darogh e muslahat aamaz per

Aankh waqaf e deed thi, lab mayal e guftar tha
Dil na tha mera, sarapa zauq e istafsar tha


Ehad-e-Tifli | The Age of Infancy English

They earth and sky were unknown worlds to me
Only the expanse of mother’s bosom was a world to me

Every movement was a symbol of life’s pleasure to me
My own speech was like a meaning less word to me

During infacy’s pain if somebody made me cry
The noise of the door chain would comfort me

Oh’ How i stared at the moon for long hours
Staring at its silent journey among broken clouds

I would ask repeated about its mountains and plains
And how surprised would i be at that prudent lie

My eye was devoted to seeing, my lip was prone to speak
My heart was no less tha inquisitiveness personified

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