Bang-e-DraShikwa Jawab e Shikwa

Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa Allama Iqbal Part – 4

Shikwa Allama Iqbal

Shikwa The Complaint (16)
Ye Shikayatt nahi hain un ke khazane maamur 
Nahi Mehfil mein jinhain bat bhi karne ka shaur

Qehar to ye hai ke Kafir ko milain hoor-o-Qasoor
Aur bechare Musalman ko faqat wada e hoor

Ab woh altaf nahi hum pe anyat nahi
Bat ye kya hai ke pehli si madarrat nahi
⏩That ignorant men who lack the grace of to open their lips in conclave high
Should have their coffers treasure filled is not the burden of our sigh

But O that this worlds best should fall to unbelievers from your hand
While we on promises are fed of pleasures in shadowy land,
Where are those favors’ which you once upon our grateful hearts didst pour?
Why cherishes you not O Lord the faithful as in days of yore?⏪
Shikwa Allama Iqbal

Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to the Complaint (16)

Waaiz e Qoum ki woh pukhta khayali na rahi
Barq  taba ee na rahi shaola maqali na rahi

Reh gayi rasm e azan rooh e bilali na rahi
Falsafa reh gaya talqeen e ghazali na rahi,

Masjidain marsiya khwan hain ke namazi na rahe
Yani woh sahib e ausaf e hijazi na rahe
⏩That judgment ripe is no more theirs who play your preachers role
Nor kindling accents from their lips reveal the flaming soul,

Azan yet sounds but never now like bilal s soulfully
Philosophy conviction less now mourns its ghazali

Untried by praying feet the mosques lament their emptiness
For gone are those exemplars great of Arab godliness.
Shikwa Allama Iqbal

Shikwa The Complaint (17)

Kya Musalmanon mein hai doulat e dunya nayaab
Teri Qudrat to hai woh jis ki na had hain na hisab

Tu jo chahe to uthe seena e sehra se habab
Rahroo e dasht ho seeli zada mouj e saraab

Taan e aghiyar hai ruswai hai nadaari hai
Kya tere naam pe marna ka Iwaz khwari hai?
⏩Why from the bounties of this life the faithful now no profit gain
Though still almighty you remains and limitless your remain?

If you but will fountains can flow from barren desert and parched sands
And mirage bound a traveler be while walking through green forest lands,

Yet foe men taunted grace deprived and poorest of the poor are we
Is this your recompense to those who sacrifice their live for you.
Shikwa Allama Iqbal


Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to the Complaint (17)

Shor hai ho gaye Dunya se Musalman nabood
Hum ye kehte hain ke tha b kahin Muslim Maujood,

Waza mein tum ho nisara tau tamaddun mein hanood
Yeh Musalman hain jinhain dekh ke shrmaen yahood?

Yu to syed b ho Mirza b ho Afqhan b ho
Tum sabhi kuch ho batao to Musalma b ho
⏩It is said’ The Muslims quit this world their days are on the wane
The Muslims died out long ago such a lament is vain,

From Christians you have learnt your style your culture from Hindus
How can a race as Muslims pass who shame even the Jews?
You are know as Syed and Mughal you call yourselves pathan
But can you truly claim as well the name of Mussalman?


Shikwa Allama Iqbal

Shikwa The Complaint (18)

Bani ayhar ki ab chahne wali dunya
Reh gayi apne liye aik khiyali Dunya

Hum to rukhsat howa Auron ne sanbhali Dunya
Phir na kehna howi touhed se Khali Dunya

Hum tau Jeete Hain ke Duniya mein tera naam rahe
Kahin mukin hai saqi na rahe jaam rahi?

⏩Your world how eagerly today on strangers all its grace bestows
For those who walk your chosen way a world of dreams its glamour throws

So be it then so let us pass let other nations hold the away
When we are gone reproach us not that Twahid to has passed away,

We live here only that your name may live here in men’s minds enshrined
Can Saki bid his last adieu and leave loves cup and wine behind?⏪
Shikwa Allama Iqbal

Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to the Complaint (18)

Dam e taqreer thi Muslim ki sadaqt bebak
Adal uss ka  tha Qawi loos e mara at se pak

Shajar e fitrat e Muslim tha haya se nam nak
Tha shujat mein woh ek hasti e fouq ul idraak,

Khud gudazi nam e kaifat e sehbayesh bood
Khali az khawaish shudan soorat e meenayesh bood

⏩The Muslim was sincere of speech of fear his voice was free
Just staunch he scorned the slightest breath of partiality,

In nature like a tree kept fresh by modesty most rare
Yet braver than the bravest he intrepid past compare,

Like wine upon the drinkers lips his joy in losing lay
As the cup pours its liquor out he poured his self away.⏪
Shikwa Allama Iqbal

Shikwa The Complaint (19)

Teri mehfil b gai chahne wal b gaye
Shab ki ahen b gaien subah ke nale b gaye,

Dil tujhe debhi gaye apna sila le b gaye

Aa ke baithe b na tha ke Nikaale b gaye,

Aa ushaq gaye waada e farda lekar

Ab unhen dhoond charg e rukh e zeba lekar,
⏩You court yard empties they depart who came to worship and adore
The midnights sights the dawns lament now you wilt miss for evermore,

They came they gave their hearts to you they had their recompense and went
But hardly they had seated been when from your presence they were sent,

They came glad lovers begging love with future promise turned away
Go shine your beauty lamp about and seek and win them if you may⏪
Shikwa Allama Iqbal
 Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to the Complaint (19)
Har Musalman rag e batil ke liya nashtar tha
Us ke aeena e hasti mein amal jouhar tha

Jo bharosa tha use Quwwat e bazoo par tha
Hai tumhain mout ka dar  us ko Khuda ka dar tha

Baap ka ilm na bete ko agr Azabar ho
Phir pisar Qabil e Miraas e Pidar kyun kar ho
⏩What the knife is to cankerous growths to all untruth was he
His actions in life mirror shone like light vibratingly
If he was confident of ought it was his right arms might
He feared but God while thoughts of death your craven souls affright
When sons lacking their father worth are neither skilled no sage
With what deserving can they claim their father heritage,⏪
Shikwa Allama Iqbal
 Shikwa The Complaint (20)
Dard e laila b wohi Qais ka pahlu b wohi
Nejd k dasht o jabal mein ram e ahoo b wohi,

Ishq ka dil b wohi husan ka jaado b wohi
Ummat e Ahmed e Mursil b wohi tu b wohi

Phir ye azurdagi e ghair sabah kya maani
Apne Shaidaon pe ye chashm e chazab kiya maani?
⏩The love of Layla burneth still and Majnun passions yearning knows
In hill and valley of the Nejd the fleet gazelle still leaping goes,

The soul of love is still the same still beauty magic charms enthrall
Your Ahmad freemen still abide and you art there the soul of all 

Then stranger why estranged today the bond of love Twixt you and yours?
Upon the Faithful O unkind why frowns your eye of warth divine? ⏪
Shikwa Allama Iqbal

Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to the Complaint (20) 

Har koi mast e mai e zauq tan asani hai
Tum Musalman ho ye andaz e Musalmani hai?

Haidari faqr hai ne doulat e Usmani hai
Tum ko Aslaaf se kya nisbat e rohani hai?

Woh zaman mein mo azzaz tha  Musalman ho kar
Aur tum khawar howe Taarik e Quran ho kar

⏩He love of ease like fumes of wine makes sots of you today
How dare you pass as Mussalmans? That is not Islams way’

Nor Usmans treasures chest you own nor Ali s empty bowl
With spirits of such great forbears what kinship has your soul⏪


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