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Bang-e-DraShikwa Jawab e Shikwa

Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa by Iqbal Part -6

Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa in Urdu

Qoum e awara ana taab hai phir soo ay hijaz
Le ura Bulbul e be par ko mazak e parwaz

Mutarib bagh ke har ghunche main hai soo ay niaz
Tu zara chair to de tashna e mizrab hai saaz

Naghme betaab hain taron se niklne k liya
Toor muztar hai ussi aag mein jalne k liya
Shikwa The Complaint (26)

Towards the Hijaz turn again the straying tribe their bridle strings
Lo wingless soars the nightingale aloft upon its yearnings wings,

The fragrance in each blossom hid within the garden palpitates
But with your plectrum wake its strings the lute that livening touch awaits,

Ye longs to break its prisons bounds the string imprisoned melody
And yearning Sinai waits again to burn itself to dust in you

 Dekh kar rang e ghaman ho na  pareshan mali
Koukab e ghuncha se shakhain hain chamkne wali

Khas o khashaak se hota hai gulistan khali
Gul bar andaz hai khoon e shuhada ki laali

Rang gardoon ka zara dekh tu unnabi  hai
Yeh nikalte howe Suraj ki ufaq taabi hai
Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (26)
Yet let the gardener not be sad to see the gardens plight
For soon its branches will be gay with buds like stars of light

The withered leaves and weeds will  pass and all its sweeping old
For there again will martyr blood in roses red unfold,

But look a hint of russet h brightening the eastern skies
The glow on yon horizons brow heralds a new sunrise.
Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa  by Iqbal Part -6
Mushkalain Ummat e marhoom ki asan kar de
Moor e bemaya ko humdosh e suleman kar de

Jins e nayab e mohabbat ko phir arzaan kar de
Hind k dair Nasheenon ko Musalman kar de

Jo ay khoon me chakad az hasrat e dairina e maa
Mee tapd nala ba Nashtar kadah e seena e maa

Shikwa The Complaint (27)

Resolve O Lord the travail sore which this your chosen people tries
Makes you the ant of little worth to Solomon proud stature rise,


Bring you O Lord with our grasp that most rare love for which we pray
To Indias temple squatters teach the truth of the Islamic way,

Our hearts desires long unfulfilled unceasingly our life blood drain
Our breasts with thousand daggers pierced still struggle with their cry of pain.

Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa  by Iqbal Part -6
 Ummatain gulshan e hasti mein samar cheeda bhi hain 
Aur Mehroom e samar b hain khazan didahb hain
Saikron nakhl hain kaheeda  bhi baleeda bhi hain
Saikro batan e chaman mein abhi poshida bhi hain

Nakhl e Islam namoona hai bru mandi ka
Phal hai ye Saikron saalon ki chaman bandi ka

Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (27) 
In life old garden nations lived who all its fruits enjoyed
While others longed in vain while some the winter blasts destroyed,


Its trees are legion some decay while others flush with bloom
And thousands still their birth await hid in the gardens womb,

A symbol of luxuriance the tree of Islam reigns
Its fruits achieved with centuries of garden tending pains

Boo e Gul le bariun e Chamman raaz e chaman
Kya Qayamat hai k khud phool hain ghammaz e chaman

Ahd e gul khatam howa tuta gaya saaz e chaman
Ur gaya dalion se zamzama pardaaz e chaman

Ek bulbul hai k hai mahw e tarannum ab tak
Us k seene mein hai Naghmon k talatam ab tak
Shikwa The Complaint (28)
The fragrance of the rose has borne the gardens secret far away
How sad it is the traitors role the gardens sweetest buds should play
The bloom time of the rose is done the garden harp now shattered lies
And from its perch upon the twig away each feathered songster flies,

But yet there  uncompanioned sits a  lonely Bulbul all day long
Its throat a throb with music still and pouring out its heart in song

Pak hai gard e watan se sir e daman tera
Tu wo YOUSAF hai k har misr hai kinaan tera

Qafila ho na sake ga kabhi weeran tera
Ghair yak bang e dar kuch nahi saman tera
Nakhl e Shama asti o dar shaola dawad resha e tu
Aqbat soz bawad saya e andesha e tu

Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (28) 
Your robe is free from dust of home  not yours such narrow ties
That Yousuf you who canaan sweet in every Egypt lies,


The qafila can ne diperse you holdest  the starting bells
Nothing else in needed if your will your onward march imples,

You candle tree your wick like root its top with flame illumes
Your thought is fire its very breath all future care consumes.

Qumrian shakh e sanober se gurezaan  b howe
Pattian phool ki jhar jhar ke pareshan b howe,

Wo purani ravishen bagh ki weeran b howe
Daalian parahan e barg  se  uriaan  b howe,

Qaid e Musom se tabiat rahi azad uski
Kaash gulshan mein samjhta koi faryaad uski.

Shikwa The Complaint (29)
The darkening cypress sways no more from shadowy nests its doves have fled
The withered blossoms droop and die and all around their petals shed

Those memorized old garden walks of all their former pride lie shorn
Despoiled of raiment green each branch in nakedness now stands forlorn,

Unmoved by passing seasons change the songster sits and sings alone
Would there were in this garden some could feel the burden of its moan.
Tu na mit jaye ga Iran ki mit jane se
Nasha e mai ko Taaluq pemane se

Hai ayan yorish e tataar ke afsane se
Pasban mil gaye kaabe  ko sanam khane se

kashti e Haq ka zamane mein sahara tu hai
Asr e nau raat hai dhundla sa sitara tu hai,
Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (29)
And you will suffer no surcease should Irans star decline
It is not the vessel which decides the potency of wine,

It is proved to all the world from tales of tartar conquerors
The Kaba brave defenders found in temple worshippers,

In you relies the bark of Allah adrift beyond the bar
The new born age in dark as night and you its dim pole star.

Luft merne main hai baqi na maza jeene mein
Kuch maza hai to yehi khoon e jigar peene mein

Kitne betaab hain jouhar  mere aeene mein
Kis Qadar jalwe tarapte hain mere seene mein

Iss gulistan mein magar dekhne wale hi nahi
Dagh jo seene mein rakhte ho wo lale hi nahi.

 Shikwa The Complaint (30)

This life no more its joy retains nor even death can bring relief
The sweet to sit alone and sigh and eat a sad heart out in grief,

Out from the mirror of my soul what gems of thought now strive to shine
What visions splendid dreams sublime
Hai jo hangama bipa yorish e balghari ka
Ghafilon ke liye pegham hai baidari ka

Tu samjhta hai ye saman hai dil azari ka
Imtihan hai tere  isaar ka khud dari ka.
Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (30)
The bulgars march the fiend of war  in fearful fury breathes
The message come sleepers awake the Balkan cauldron seethes,


You deem this a cause of grief your heart is mortified
But no your pride your sacrifice thus once again are tried,

Beneath your foes if chargers neigh why tremble you in fright?
For never never shall their breath extinguish heavens light.


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