Hamdradi | Bang-e-Dra-010


Makhooz Az Willian Cowper)
Bachon k liye

Tehni pe kisi shajar ki tanha
Bulbul tha koi udas baitha

Kehte tha ke raat ser per ayi
Ume chugne mein din guzra

Pohenchun kis tarah ashiyan tak
Her cheez pe cha gaya andhera

Sun kar bulbul ki ah-o-zari
Jugnu koi pas hi so bola

Hazir ho madad ko jaan o dil se
Keera hun agarche mein zara sa

Allah ne di hai mujh ko mishal
Chamka ke mujhay diya banya

Hain log wohi jahan mein acha
Aate hain jo kaam dusron ke


(Adapted for Children from William Cowper)

Poet Allam Iqbal

Perched on the branch of a tree
Was a nightingale sad and lonely

The night has drawn near he was thinking
I passed the day in flying around and feeding

How can I reach up to the nest
Darkness has enveloped everything?

Hearing the nightingale wailing thus
A glow worm lurking nearby spoke thus

With my heart and soul ready to help I am
Though only an insignificant insect I am

Never mind if the night is dark
I shall shed light if the way is dark

God has bestowed a torch on me
He has given a shining lamp to me

The good in the world only those are
Ready to be useful to others who are

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