Bang-e-DraShikwa Jawab e Shikwa

Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa by Allam Iqab Part -2

Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa lyrics

Shikwa The Complaint(6)

The hameen ek tire maarke araaon mein,
Khushkion mein kabhi larte, kabhi dariyaon mein

Deen azaanen kabhi Europe ke kaleeaon mein 
kabhi Africa ke tapte howa sehraon mein

Shan ankhon mein na jachti thi jahan daron ki
Kalima parhte the hum chao mein talwaron ki
⏩Tis we and alone who thronged as warriors on your fields of fray,
And now upon the land we fought and now upon the salt sea spray.

We made our Azan’s call resound beneath proud spires in western lands
And made that magic melody thrill over Afric’s burning sands

The pageantries of mighty kings to us were shows that mattered not,
Beneath the shade of blades unsheathed in kalima we gorly sought.⏪

Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa lyrics

Jawab E Shikwa The Answer to the Complaint (6)

 Hum to mayal ba karam hain koi sayal hi nahi
Rah dikhlaen kise rahraw manzil hi nahi

Tarbiat am to hai jauhar e qabil hi nahi
Jis se taamir ho adam ki yeh woh gil hi nahi

Koi Qabil ho to  hum  shan e ki dete hain
Dhoondne walon ko dunya bhi nai dete hain
Behold my hands are full of gifts but who comes seeking here?
And how shall I the right road show when there’s no traveler?

My loving care is there for all if deserved but by few,
Not this the clay from which I can an Adam’s shape renew

On him who merits well I set the brightest diadem’
And those who truly questing come a new waits for them.
Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa lyrics

Shikwa The Complaint(7)

Hum jo jeete tha to jango ki musibat ke liya
Aur merte the tere naam ki azmat ke liya

Thi na kuch taeg zani apni hukumat ke liya
Sar bakaf phirte tha kya dehar mein doulat ke liya

Qaum apni jo zar o maal e jahan par marti,
boht faroshi ke lwaz boht Shikni kyo karti? 

Our only life was then to face the perils of your holy wars,
To glorify of your name we died, adorned with hallowed battle scars

Not lust for power for our own sakes our drawn swords playfulness inspired,
Nor roamed we hand in glove with death for worldly riches we desired

Our people had they set their hearts on this worlds riches or its gold,
Not idol breaking would have gone but  idols would have bought and sold.

Jawab E Shikwa The Answer to the Complaint (7)
Haath be zoIihaad se dil khoo gar hain
Ummati baais e Ruswai e Paighamber (S.A.W) hain

Boht Shikan uth gaye baqi jo rahe but gar hain
    The braheem pidar aur pisar azar hai

Badah asham naye bada naya khum b naye
Harm e Kaaba naya boht b naye tum b naye
Apostate hearts and palsied hands your earthly lives debase,
You all, to your great Prophet (PBUH) are bringers of deep disgrace
Those   idol breakers all have gone you idolaters are,
Abraham was the father you his sons are but Azar,
Now stranger bands carousal hold strange are both cup and wine;
A strange new KABA you have reared strange idole oh its shrine

Shikwa The Complaint(8)
Tal na sakte tha agr jang mein arh jate tha
Paon sheron ke bhi maidan se ukhar jate tha

Tujh se sarkash howa koi to bighar tha
Taeg kya cheez hai hum toup se larh jate tha

Naqsh tauheed ka har dil pe bithaya hum ne
Zer e khanjar b yeh paigham sunaya hum ne 

We stood our ground like rocks when once the foe had met our phalanx dread,
Before our might the bravest quailed and vanquished from the battle fled

And those who offered you affront our swift relentless fury faced,
Their mightiest arms we set at nougat their insolence and pride abased

On all men’s minds we set your seal  your tawhid’s firm and sure impress,
The selfsame message preached our lips when swords danced high in battle’s  stress.
Jawab E Shikwa The Answer to the Complaint (8)
Woh b din tha k yehi maya e raanai tha
Nazish e mousam e gul lala e sahrai tha

Jo Musalmaan tha Allah ka saudai tha
Kabhi Mehboob tumhara yehi harjai tha

Kisi yakjai se ab Ehd e Ghulamo kar lo
Millat e Ahmed (S.A.W) ko maqami kar lo

The tulip of wilds once reigned the queen of blossom time,
In this once lay the quintessence of loveliness sublime

Once every true born mussalman by Allah set his store,
This fickle hearted courtesan even you did once adore

Go seek some constant mistress now to, her a new bond sign,
Muhammad Universal creed to narrow bounds confine.
Shikwa The Complaint(9)
Tu hi keh de ukhara dar e khyber kis ne,
Sheher Qaiser ka jo tha us ko kiya sar kis ne

Tore makhluq khudawandon ke paikar kis ne
kaat kar rakh diye Kuffar ke lashkar kis ne

Kis ne thanda Atishkuda e Iran ko?
kis ne phir zinda kiya tazkara e yazdaan ko?
Declare you whose fierce valor once did Khyber’s barriers overthrow?
Or whose resistless might once laid famed Caesar proudest cities low?

Who smashed to dust man’s hand wrought Gods those things of straw and earth and clay?
And who did unbelieving hosts to spread your name and glory slay?

And who was it that quenched and cooled the fiery urns of Iran?
And in that land did once again revive the worship of yazdan?
Jawab E Shikwa The Answer to the Complaint (9)
Kis qadar tum pe garan subah ki baidari hai
Hum  se kab pyar hai haan neend tumhain payri hai

Tabaa e azad pe qaid e ramzan bhari  hai
Tumhai keh do yehi aeen e wafadri hai?

Qoum mazhab se hai mazhab jo nahi tum bhi nahi
jazb e baham jo nahi mehfil e anjum bhi nahin 

To pray to me at break of day you now an ordeal deem,
Your morning slumber sweeter far, yet you would faithful seem

The hardships of the fast oppress your nature now grown free,
Such are your ways and you still would protest your love for me

Unto a nation faith is life you lost your faith and fell
When gravitation fails  must cease concourse celestial.

Shikwa The Complaint(10)
Kon se Qoum Faqat teri talabgar howi
Aur Tere liye Zehmat kash paikaar howi

Kis ki shamsheer jahangeer jahandar howi
kis ki takbeer se dunya teri baidar howi

kis ki Haibat se sanam sehme howi rehte tha
Munh ke bal gir k HU WA ALLAH HU AHAD kehte tha

Among those nations was there once one who  craved you as we craved and sought?
Or risked the perils of fell war that your Divines will be wrought?

Whose was that conquest thirsty sword which won and held the world in fee?
And whose the Takbeer sounding call which wakened all the world to you?

Whose was the fateful wrath which made all idols shrink in terror just?
There is no God but God, they cried as crumbling down they kissed the dust.
Jin ko ata nahi dunya mein koi fann tum ho
nahi jis qoum ko parwaye nasheman tum ho

Bijliyan jis mein hon asudah woh khirman tum ho
Baich khate hain jo aslaaf ke madfan tum ko

Ho niko naam jo qabaron ki tajarat kar ke
kya na baicho ga jo mil jae sanam pathar ke
You love your home the least among the nations of the earth,
You are the most incompetent in knowledge and in worth

You are barn where light stays where ruin idle lies;
Ancestral coffins long entombed your only merchandise,

In turning graves to profit you have proved  yourselves adept
Should idol trading offer gain of course you would accept


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