Bang-e-DraShikwa Jawab e Shikwa

Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa by Shikwa Iqbal – 7

Shikwa Iqbal

Chaak iss bulbul e tanha ki nawa se dil ho
Jaagne wale issa Bang e Dra se dil ho

Yani phir zinda naye ehd e wafa se dil ho
Phir issa bada e deerina ke payase dil ho

Ajmi khum hai to kya mai to hijazi hai mari
Naghma Hindi hai to kya lai Hijazi hai mari
Shikwa  The  Complaint (31)
May this sad bulbuls lonely song to grief each listening soul awake
The clangour of these rousing bells make drowsy hearts their sleep forsake
Let faithful hearts re-plight their troth and forge afresh their bond divine
Let in the long parched heart of each the old thirst wake for sweet old
The blood of sweet Arabian vin O reflows this wine jar amjay
Although the singer sings in india hijaz is his melody.
Shikwa Iqbal
Chashme e Aqwam se makhfil haqiqat teri
Hai abhi mehfil e hasti ko zaroorat teri

zinda rakhti hai zamane ko hararat teri
Koukab e Qismat e Imkan hai khilafat teri

Waqt e fursat hai kahan kaam abhi baqi hai
Noor e touheed ka itmam abhi baqi hai

Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (31) 

Not yet have other nations seen what you are truly worth
The realm of being has need of you for perfecting this earth,
If anything yet keeps world alive it is yours impetuous zeal
And you will rise its ruling star and you will shape its weal,
This is no time for idle rest mush yet remains undone
The lamp of tawhid needs your touch to make it shame the sun.
Shikwa Iqbal
Misl e bu qaid hai ghunche mein preshan ho ja
Rakht bar dosh hawaye chamanistan ho ja

Hai tunk maya to zarre se bayban ho ja
Naghma e mouj se hangama e  toofan ho ja

Quwwat e ishq se har past ko bala kar de
Dehr mein ism e Muhammad (S.A.W) se ujala kar de
Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (32)
You are like fragrance in the bud diffuse yourself be free
Perfume the garden breeze and fill the earth with scent of you,
From dusty speck do you increase to trackless desert main
From a faint breeze a tempest grow become a hurricane,
Raise your through love all humble to greatness and to fame
Enlighten you the groping world with dear Muhammad name.

Shikwa Iqbal
Ho na ye phool to bulbul ka tarannum bhi na ho
Chaman e dehr  mein kaliyon ka tabassum bhi na ho

Ye na saqi ho to phir mai bhi na ho khum bhi na ho
Bazm e touheed bhi dunya mein na ho tum bhi na ho

Khema aflak ka istada issi naam se hai
Nabz e hasti tapish amdah issi naam se hai

Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (33)
If this fair flower blossom not the bulbul will not sing
Nor rose buds make the garden smile welcoming in the spring,
If he is not the saki then nor jar nor wine will be
Nor in this world will Tawhid shine nor your heart beat in you,
Yonder ethereal sky tent this great name still sustains
And dancing to its music flows the blood in life own veins.
Shikwa Iqbal
 Dasht mein daman e kuhsar mein maidan mein hai
Behr mein mouj ki aghosh mein  toofan mein hai

Cheen ke shehr maraqash ke byaban mein hai
Aur poshida Musalman ke Iman mein hai

Chashm e Aqwam ye nazara abad tak dekh
Riffat e shan e RAFAANA LA KA ZIKRAK dekhe
Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (34)
A music heard in china towns Morocco desert song
And hid within each Muslim heart it makes his faith grow strong
Let all the people of the world see till end of time,
How I have made this glorious name beyond all thought sublime
Shikwa Iqbal
 Mardam e chashm e zameen yani woh kali dunya
woh tumhare shudada palne wali dunya

Garmi e mehr ki parwarda hilali dunya
Ishq wale jise kehte hain  Bilali dunya

Tapish andoz hai iss naam se paare ki tarah
Ghouta zan noor mein hai ankh ke tare ki tarah
Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (35)
That pupil of the eye of earth soil only dark men tread
That region where have always been your martyrs born and bred
That land upon the hot suns lap that land of al hilal
Which lovers fondly love to call the land of Bilal,
Is all a quiver with this name like trembling mercury
Like pupils dark in pools of light it swims perpetually.
Shikwa Iqbal
Aqal hai teri sipar ishq hai shamsheer teri
Mere darvish khilafat hai jahangeer teri

Ma siwa Allah ke liya ag hai takbeer teri
Tu Musalman ho to Taqdeer hai tadbeer teri

Ki Muhammed (S.A.W) se wafa tu ne to hum tere hain
Yeh jahan chaeez hai kya Loh o Qalam tere hain  
Jawab e Shikwa The Answer to Complaint (36)
Your shield be wisdom be your sword the flaming love divine
My fond dervish do you not know that all the world is yours?
All else but God is at your feet if sounds your takbeer great
If you a Muslim truly are your effort is your fate,
To my Muhammed be but true and you have conquered me
The world is nothing you will command my pen of Destiny.



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