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Aqal-o-Dil | Reason And Heart | Baang-e-Dara: 15


Aqal ne aik din ye dil se kaha
Bhoole bhatke ki rahnuma ho mein

Hun zameen par guzr falak pe mera
Dekh to kis qadr rasa ho mein

Kaam dunya main rahbari hai mera
misl e khizer e khajasta pa hun mein

Hum mufassir e kitab e hasti ki
Mazhar e shan e kibriya ho mein

Hun mufassir e kitab e hasti ki
Mazhar e shan e kibriya ho mein

Boond ek khoon ki hai tu lekin
Ghairat e laal e be baha ho mein

Dil ne sun kar kaha ye sub sach hai
Par mujhe bhi to dekh kya ho mein

Raaz e hasti ko ti samjhti hai
Aur ankhon se dakhta ho mein

Hai tujhe wasta mazahir se
Aur batin se ashna ho mein

Ilm tujh s to masrifat mujhe se
Tu khuda jo Khuda numa ho mein

Ilm ki intiha hai betabi
Iss marz ki magr dawa ho mein

Shama tu mehfil e sadaqt ki
husn ki bazm ka diya ho mein

Tu zaman o makan se rishta bapa
Taeer e sidra se ashna ho mein

Kis bulandi pe hai maqam mera
Arsh Rab e jaleel ka ho Mein

Reason and Heart

One day reason said to the heart
I am a guide for those who are lost

I live on earth but roam the skies
Just see the vastness of myreach

My task in the world is to guide and lead
I am like khizr of blessed steps

I interpret the book of life
And through me divine glory shines foth

You are no more than a drop of blood
While i am the envy of the Priceless pearl

The heart listened and then said this is all true
But now look at me and see what i am

you penetrate the secret of existence
but i see it with my eyes

You deal with the outward aspect of things
I know what lies within

Knowledge comes from you gnosis from me
You seek Allah i reveal him

Attaining the ultimate in knowledge only makes one restless
I am the cure for that malady

You are candle of the assembly of truth
I am the lamp of the Assembley of beauty

You are hobbled by space and time
while i am the bird in the lotus tree

My status is so high
I am the throne of the God of Majesty

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